Loretta Lynn’s Kitchen and Buffet

Get your fill of Dixie delights at this all-you-can-eat buffet. Hear classic country music, see memorabilia from the 1980 film Coal Miner'’s Daughter, starring Sissy Spacek and Tommy Lee Jones; and pick up a souvenir or two. You'’ll have the chance to learn and see more about Loretta at the end of the trail.

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15366 Hwy 13S Hurricane Mills, TN 37078


Begin in Hurricane Mills, 75 miles W of Nashville. Interstate Access: I-40W, exit 143 (TN-13N). Turn R to pt. 1.

More About: Tennessee River Communities

Many of the earliest communities along the Tennessee River were river landing towns, located directly on its banks. Most early transportation utilized the river, and commerce was largely dependent upon it. Keelboats, showboats and other craft would routinely call on these waterside communities. With the coming of the railroad, river traffic declined, but the towns remained sustainable. This changed with the creation of the Tennessee Valley Authority in the 1930s and ’40s. Many former river landing towns were submerged entirely beneath the river; in others, only a few structures remained above the water line. Only a few historic river towns, like Clifton and Savannah, located on bluffs overlooking the river, survive today. But in every county, there are still residents who remember these vanished communities. The Tennessee River Trail helps tell their stories, celebrates the rich history of the area and showcases the beauty of the Tennessee River.


Buffalo River Resort

This is the newest Buffalo River recreation destination, featuring hiking, tubing, kayaking, canoeing horseback riding and other fun right on the river. Camping, RV hookups and cabins are available.

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3520 N Hwy 13 Lobelville, TN 37097


From pt. 1, return to TN-13. Turn L, go 5.2 miles to pt. 2.


Heath’s Canoe Rentals

Be introduced to the Buffalo River with a great canoeing adventure at this outfitter with easy access points.

1076 N Hwy 13 Lobelville, TN 37097


Continue S for 2.4 miles on TN-13 to pt. 3.

More About: The Buffalo River

The Buffalo River is not named for the bison that once inhabited the area, but for the buffalo fish (Ictiobus species) commonly found in the river.



French trader Henri de Lobel had high hopes for this town when he established it as a trading port on the Buffalo River in 1854, but most commerce took place further west on the Tennessee River which was larger and more navigable. Stop by the new Lobelville City Hall & Library for more information about the Civil War, area history and outdoor opportunities.

City Hall & Library 55 S. Main St. Lobelville, TN 37096

Continue S for 1.1 miles on TN-13 to pt. 4.


Cane Creek Market

This general store and gateway to the Mennonite community offers bulk foods, cheese, candies, spices and local sorghum. Crafts and kitchen ware are also available. Closed Sun.

1798 Hwy 438E Lobelville, TN 37097


Continue S on Main St./ TN-13 for 5.8 miles. Turn R onto TN-438, go 2.2 miles to pt. 5.



Walk the streets of downtown for beautiful murals depicting the town'’s history and mixed media installations. The center of downtown and a great meeting spot is the Perry County Courthouse, erected in 1928 and listed on the National Historic Register.

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Linden, TN 37096

Return to TN-13, turn R. Go 6.7 miles, turn R onto US-412. Drive 0.3 mile to pt. 6 public sq. Park and walk to visit points 6-10.

More About: Pinckney's Tomb

Pinckney'’s Tomb, located southeast of Linden, is the burial place of Perry County farmer Pinckney Hufstedler. Afraid of water getting in his tomb, he asked that a gravehouse be built over it. He also asked that his body be pulled in a wagon by white oxen and that “no mules” be used. This is the largest gravehouse in Tennessee and it’'s listed on the National Historic Register.


Perry County Chamber of Commerce & Welcome Center

Pick up a walking map of Linden’'s unique art pieces and information on local history.

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215 E. Main St. Linden, TN 37096



Rusty Fish Hook

Visit here for a bite of freshwater fish, where catfish is always the specialty.

217 E. School St. Linden, TN 37096



Commodore Hotel & Café

This 1930s building has been restored to offer deluxe accommodations, fine dining for guests and live music most Saturdays.

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114 E. Main St. Linden, TN 37096



Armstrong Pie Co.

Dough-pressed, glazed, home-style turnovers are made here and are sold in markets across Tennessee. Try one of their 10 flavors, like apple, cherry, Bavarian crème and chocolate. Guided tours by reservation.

106 S. Mill St. Linden, TN


To stay on main trail: Go E on Main St./US-412.


Mousetail Landing State Park

One of Tennessee'’s newest state parks, it features two campgrounds, boat access, picnic areas and hiking trails. This is a fantastic place to spend the afternoon or a few days relaxing on the beautiful Tennessee River.

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3 Campground Rd. Linden, TN 37096


From Linden, you can connect to Parsons (pt. 52) by going W on Main St./US-412. Enjoy pt. 11 along the way. Go W on Main St./ US-412/TN-20 for approx. 11 miles. Turn R on TN-438 to pt. 11. After visiting state park, retrace route to US-412, turn R t

More About: Mousetail Landing

Mousetail Landing got its name because of a fire at a local tannery during the Civil War. Many mice fled the burning building, so it became known as Mousetail Landing.


Cedar Creek Indian Mound

Believed to be close to a thousand years old, this mound was constructed between 1000 and 1300 A.D. It measures 120 feet around and 20 feet high. The mound has eroded through the years, but is still one of the largest in Tennessee. Privately owned, can be viewed from road.

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Cedar Creek Rd. Linden, TN 37096

To go off-trail from downtown Linden: Go E on Main St./US-412 to TN-13 int. Turn R to go S on TN-13 for 3.6 miles. Turn R onto TN-128, go 4.1 miles. Turn R onto Cedar Creek Rd., go 0.9 mile to pt. 12.


Cedar Grove Iron Furnace

Built in 1834, this operation once employed over 100 workers and turned out 40 tons of ore a week. The iron was hauled two miles west to Cedar Creek Landing on the Tennessee River and shipped throughout the South. During the Civil War, the furnace was attacked by Union gunboats, and production stopped soon after. It is the only surviving double-stack furnace in Tennessee.

To return to main trail: Return to TN-128, go N to TN-13. Turn R to go S on TN-13 for 7 miles to pt. 14.

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Cedar Creek Rd. Linden, TN 37096

Continue E on Cedar Creek Rd. for 3.1 miles. Keep R (road splits), drive 0.1 mile to pt. 13.



This village is a popular canoe trailhead and access point to the Buffalo River. It’'s one of the older settlements in Perry County, with a rustic store and school in the center.

11711 Hwy 13S Linden, TN 37096


To continue on main trail from downtown Linden: Go E on US-412 to TN-13 int. Turn R to go S on TN-13. Go 10.6 miles to pt. 14. Continue S on TN-13 for 1 mile to pt. 15.


Flatwoods Canoe

For a Buffalo River adventure, try this outfitter located at the old gas station on the left as you enter town. Take a trip from a few miles to a few days.

11711 Hwy 13S Linden, TN 37096


Buffalo Bud’s Canoe, Kayak & Campground

Located directly on the Buffalo River, this site offers authentic river cabins for fishing getaways, plus a campground and canoe rentals.

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580 Slink Shoals Rd. Flatwoods, TN 37096


Turn R on Horseshoe Bend Rd., go 0.5 mile. Turn R on Slink Shoals Rd., go 0.25 mile to pt. 16.


Crazy Horse Recreational Park

For some adventure or fun in the sun, this outdoor wonderland on the Buffalo River features paddling trips and camping sites. Open daily, April-Oct.

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2505 Waynesboro Hwy Waynesboro, TN 38485


Retrace route back to TN-13. Continue S on Waynesboro Hwy/TN-13 for 5.5 miles; cross the Buffalo River to pt. 17.


Green River Stables

This ranch offers family rides in an arena setting or through 2,700 acres of trails. Take your pick from small ponies or large horses. The site features modern boarding stables and a rider’'s lounge.

642 Waynesboro Hwy Waynesboro, TN 38485


Continue S on Waynesboro Hwy/TN-13 for 9.1 miles to pt. 18.

More About: Iron

Iron was important to early settlers because it was used to make knives, plows, kettles, weapons, railroads, bridges and buildings. Iron ore deposits along the Tennessee River proved a valuable resource not only to these communities but to all Tennesseans and beyond. Stewart and Decatur Counties were known for their brown iron ore that was turned into charcoal iron and high silicon. This process took place in iron ore furnaces, employing hundreds of workers in the area. Plentiful deposits of limestone were used as a flux to separate impurities during the ironmaking process. The accessibility of the Tennessee River made it easy to ship the ore to the Midwest or to the deep South. Many of the kilns and furnaces located along the Tennessee River Trail were operational until the late 1800s, such as the Cedar Grove Furnace in Perry County, the Brownsport Furnace in Decatur County, and the Bear Spring and Great Western Furnaces in Stewart County. Limestone kilns can be found in Erin.



This county seat is a small community with easy access to all kinds of outdoor adventure. A charming square surrounding the Wayne County Courthouse hosts specialty shops and local eateries.

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Public Sq. Waynesboro, TN 38485


Go S on TN-13 for 2.3 miles to pt. 19 public sq. Park and walk to visit pts. 19-24.

More About: Wayne County

Wayne County is named for American Revolutionary War General and statesman “"Mad Anthony"” Wayne, who received his name when he refused to help a friend get out of jail and demanded that the prisoner be lashed if he asked again.


Antique Mall of Waynesboro

Multiple vendors keep this mall stocked with furnishings, collectibles and glassware.

104 Public Sq. Waynesboro, TN 38485


General Area:




Discover the good life on the Tennessee River Trail. This route is peppered with quaint historic towns like Waverly, Linden and Paris, and river overlooks that provide the perfect backdrop to your Tennessee vacation.

Try canoeing along the Buffalo River, or birdwatching at a Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge unit, like Big Sandy or the Duck River Bottoms. For more outdoor fun, rent a boat and try your hand at fishing at Paris Landing State Park, and keep an eye out for deer and wild turkey as you drive the history-filled Woodlands Trace National Scenic Byway through the Land Between The Lakes.

Learn about one of country music’s superstars, Loretta Lynn, at her sprawling ranch in Hurricane Mills; visit her famous plantation home and a museum celebrating her life and career. Visit Fort Donelson National Battlefield near Dover and Shiloh National Military Park near Savannah, both sites of two important Civil War battles. From prehistoric river life to the Golden Age of Steamboats, experience the Tennessee River’s history at its namesake museum in Savannah. You’ll also visit Pickwick Landing, the 1800s riverboat stop that is now a state park offering forested hiking trails, fishing, boating and camping.

Take this trail and gain a new appreciation for the Tennessee River, the very heart of Tennessee outdoor life.